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By 2011 Platinum had been recognized by R.A.W. as a talented designer and the line was showcased in and on fashion platforms leveraging his brand to new heights. In 2011 he met a musician by the name of Pugs Atomz through Facebook and sponsored the artist, allowing them to establish a friendship and partnership. Pugs Atomz was a buzzing artist overseas that took the brand from local to international notoriety. After sharing the same passion for music and fashion a foundation of trust was formed. When Atomz moved back to Chicago from London he and Platinum set a goal to make Iridium more than a brand, the goal was to make it a lifestyle. With these two great minds working together they formed an energy that attracted celebrities like Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Kid Ink, Bennie Man, Marvin Jones (Bengals), the Instagram famous Westbrook Sisters, Toni Romitti and a hand full of popular stylist to name a few.