Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a Week away and I have only purchased ONE gift - a Buxom Lipgloss set for my younger sister, however I still have people on my list that I need to purchase gifts for when Christmas is less than a week away.

Here is who I have left on my list:

  • My Roomate
  • My Best Friend
  • My Work Bestie
  • My Significant Other

Here are some last minute Christmas gift ideas that I have in mind for them, and maybe you all can use them too!

For my roommate I want to get her something that I know she would love but also something she would need. We live in a small apartment so storage can sometimes be an issue, so I will probably get her something storage related like this awesome shoe rack from Target. The simple design of the rack will allow it to coordinate with any decor, and since its a shoe rack it will allow her to keep her shoes more organized.

For the best friend I usually try to get something that has sedimental meaning for the both of us, however running short on time makes that task a little harder. This year I'm going to get her the Dr Jart. Masking All The Way set from Sephora. This will allow my best friend to treat herself to a at hope spa day with the option of 7 different masks!

For the work bestie I want to get her something that takes her AWAY from the work place. I would either get her something from Sephora as well, like the First Aid Beauty Winter Skin Savers set, OR a huge cozy fluffy blanket from Target.

For the significant other (mine is a guy) he always says he doesn't want anything for Christmas, probably because he doesn't celebrate Christmas in the first place, but I going to get him a little something so he doesn't feel left out. I'm going to get him this simple Adidas hoodie from Urban Outfitters.

Good luck with your Christmas gift hunt!


-Nailah S.